Rory Macdonald

I am a general practice lawyer in Pennsylvania and I think one of the most important qualities of a good lawyer is integrity and honesty. If a person has a developed sense of justice, he should not deviate from it under any circumstances – no matter what benefits it promises him. If a person is honest, then he is true to himself and in harmony with his conscience, and a little cunning can be left for compliments.

The ability to value your time, the time of your colleagues and clients, and for me, punctuality is not only the ability to come to work on time and fulfill duties on time, it is a way of thinking and a culture of upbringing. I clearly set goals for myself, realistically assess my strengths and capabilities, with invariable accuracy and adherence to the established external and internal rules, I follow to achieve them.

After all, practicing law for 5 years made me believe that only by being punctual can a lawyer gain confidence in himself and give a guarantee of his professionalism and competence.